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Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Now another drug company wants a natural form of vitamin B-6 declared to be a “drug,” and wants nutritional supplement companies banned from producing and selling it!


Once again the FDA is considering giving a drug company sole rights to manufacture and market a vitamin as a “drug,” thus stripping you of your right to obtain the vitamin in its most inexpensive and natural supplemental form.


Back in February of 2009 I explained how one drug company had petitioned the FDA to declare a certain form of the vitamin B-6 called pyridoxamine to be a “drug,” and convinced the FDA to ban nutritional supplement manufacturers from selling the vitamin in supplement form.


I also warned that the vital P5P form of vitamin B-6 – the most natural and bioavailable form -- would be next on Big Pharma’s hit list.


I further warned that unless the American public rose up in anger about this travesty, all vitamins will ultimately be subject to such pharmaceutical company chicanery.


Some readers mocked my warning…


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