MARCH 18, 2013

Thank you to those who showed up to the Capitol today.
Unfortunately, they ran out of time and didn't get to hear HB1111 and it was laid over until tomorrow.
Of course, there are no guarantees they won't run out of time again tomorrow either.
We spoke with legislators, distributed fact sheets, asking them to Vote No on HB1111.
While speaking with legislators today, it was brought to our attention that alot of legislators will ignore the mass emails they are receiving - and it was suggested that we make each email personal.  So, if possible, when you receive a sample fact sheet to send to legislators, start with a personal introduction and try to make it more personal.  You can still include the points from the fact sheets, but it is helpful to make them look "different" than all of the others.

We will be sending out another email with more information and our next plan of action.

P.S. - As a side note - Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers lobbyist was lobbying today IN FAVOR of HB1111.


MARCH 17, 2013

HB13-1111 will be heard on the House Floor tomorrow, Monday 3/18/13. It is vitally important to have all of you at the Capitol showing OPPOSITION to this very damaging bill. As heard in the House Appropriation hearing last Friday, the intention of this bill is to put you in prison!!!!

Below is a talking sheet. Please come to the Capitol tomorrow morning around 9:00am. We will meet in the basement cafeteria and then try to talk to as many House Representatives as possible before they vote, using the talking sheet. We need hundreds or thousands of you to come and be heard! Wear red.

Colorado Coalition for Natural Health
Joanie Coffey, President; 303-798-1469
Representing over 10,000 Natural Health Practitioners in the State of Colorado

• There are 16,000-20,000 natural health practitioners in Colorado. Most of the NHP’s practice within a narrow scope of traditional naturopathy. The dictionary definition of Naturopathy is: “a system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing process.” The education and training of naturopathic practitioners and “true” Naturopathic Doctors is appropriate and exceptional for the title and profession.

• DORA has previously stated that the group of 16,000-20,000 natural health practitioners does not cause eminent risk of harm to the public and this profession does not warrant being licensed or registered.

• Regardless of the fact that natural health practitioners do not offer services that harm the public, some legislators erroneously feel that this bill could be a vehicle to arrest and incarcerate tens of thousands of NHP’s for no reason.

• HB13-1111 is an attempt to register a small subset (less than 100) of all natural health practitioners, who believe that by virtue of their naturopathic physician education, they are entitled to operate as primary care physicians and are, in effect, practicing medicine without a license. The proponents of this bill could cause potential harm to consumers because their unique activities exceed the scope of practice of traditional naturopathy.

• Since the proponents of HB13-1111 are in a position to cause harm to the consumers, perhaps they should receive the proper medical education and be registered under the Medical Practice Act.

• Because this small group lays claim to a large area of overlapping naturopathic practices, this bill jeopardizes the ability of tens of thousands of other natural health practitioners to continue working in their chosen profession. The 16,000-20,000 natural health practitioners would be in violation of the Medical Practice Act/Title 12 AND this bill, if it should pass.

• If 16,000-20,000 NHP’s are put out of business, HB13-1111 would eliminate consumer choice and the cost to the state in lost income would be $400 to $800 million dollars per year. The unemployment burden would be astronomical.

• CCNH has worked for months to try and make sure that this bill ensures the right to practice for all natural health practitioners without being in violation of the Medical Practice Act. Unfortunately, the proponents and legal counsel of HB13-1111 cannot guarantee that the language does legally protect all natural health practitioners.

• Many organizations are opposed to HB13-1111. Among them are: Colorado Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation, Colorado Citizens for Health Freedom, American Naturopathic Certification Board, American Naturopathic Medical Association, etc.
OPPOSE HB13-1111

Joanie Coffey, ND, PhD, BCIM, DCT(P), CNC, CTN
President, Colorado Coalition for Natural Health

MARCH 15, 2013

Supporters of HB 1111 WANT You in Prison! - Link to Audio of House Appropriation Hearing‏

This is very important information.  PLEASE contact all of the House Floor Reps this weekend and let them know that tens of thousands of Colorado natural health practitioners will be not only put out of business, but will be put in JAIL!

Joanie Coffey, ND, PhD, BCIM, DCT(P), CNC, CTN
President, Colorado Coalition for Natural Health
(You're able to click the bill number to hear discussion on that specific one. HB 1111 starts around 18:30, Gerou comments begin at 19:11 go through 20:11, reiterated during her actual vote, 26:00-26:04)

MARCH 16, 2013

For those who have not been able to listen, or can't
I did my best to type up what they said and I will include it below.

I am disgusted to hear this - along with the laughing and clapping about putting naturopaths in jail.
Please note she did not say naturopathic doctors - she said naturopaths - that pretty much includes all of the over 10,000 natural practitioners in Colorado! - definition of naturopath/naturopathy


[ney-chuh-rop-uh-thee, nach-uh-] 
a system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.
1900–05; nature + -o- + -pathy

Please note there were 4 people who did vote NO on this: Rep. DelGrosso, Rep. Dore, Rep. Gardner, Rep. Sonnenberg

Kimberly Sharples




 at 19:10 -

Thank you Madam Chair. Rep. Ginal, this is a bill is one that keeps coming back and back and back, and I'll let you know that I voted for this 5 years ago and the reason I voted for it 5 years ago, is that I want to see alot of these naturopaths put in prison. I will be voting yes, but my vote yes is to put alot of these guys in prison, because I think they are doing a disservice to a lot of the people in the state, and the only we are truly going to be able to control these people is if we regulate them . This is a life safety issue. These people, some of them, not all of them, you've got some very, very bad actors in your group. I'd like to see the bill just happen go away and leave us alone and I hope those guys have a great time serving.



at 20:40


 Thank you Madam Chair. I just need to make a comment that my experience with the Naturopathic Profession has been different than what was previously described and I do see this bill as an opportunity to recognize the profession.  Thank You.


at 20:58


 I think this will help us distinguish between those who are competent and know what they are doing and those who have the potential to do great harm.


at 21:24


 Thank you Madam Chair........Frankly, for me, this bill has always brought .... concerning licensing and regulation in particular professions, and when it has died in the past it has died because other practitioners object to the encroachment and so forth, and by the same token, those who don't have the credentials object to it as well. I have often said to the other practitioners that it brings in to question, in my mind, our entire licensing scheme and structure..but we are way past that, but I am not going to extend more licensing for one more thing that's going to put a bunch of other people out of business. I don't think we are anticipating putting anyone in jail Rep. Gerou, I appreciate what you say, but i don't see a corrections..... is there one?

at 22:49


 Yep, we can put them in jail. (laughter and clapping)


at 22:52


 .....County Jail - that's just going to be an unfunded mandate from my any case, I think it brings in to ...  argument against licensing and I'm not a fan of it and so I'll be a no....One more time.



 at  25:58

 REP. GEROU roll call

for more prison sentences - YES

MARCH 12, 2013

HB13-1111 will be heard on the House floor next week. It is imperative that we reach all of the House Representatives immediately and ask them to OPPOSE HB13-1111. We do not know what amendments will remain in this bill, whether or not the language does legally given all natural health practitioners a right to practice, whether or not it protects NHP's from Title 12 of the MPA and we have no guarantee that protective amendments will remain in the bill throughout the legislative process.

Please fax, email and/or phone the House Representatives as soon as possible asking them to vote NO on HB13-1111. You can use the attached opposition letter or write one of your own. If this bill passes the House floor, it will move on to the Senate. At that time, it will be vitally important to have everyone come to the Capitol to voice your opposition to this bill. Stay tuned as this can all happen quickly.

Please consider donating to CCNH so we can retain our lobbyist. There is much work to be done. CCNH's right to practice bill is on the desk ready to be assigned a bill number. As soon as I get the bill, I will forward it on to you. We have been in negotiations with key players trying to make the necessary changes to our bill to avoid opposition. Donnah has been working very hard on our behalf, but we are far behind in paying her for her efforts.


Joanie Coffey, ND, PhD, BCIM, DCT(P), CNC, CTN
President, Colorado Coalition for Natural Health
4614 High Spring Road
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Fax: 720-283-0839

House of Rep's emails:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Sample letter:

OPPOSE HB13-1111

HB13-1111 could put tens of thousands of Natural Health Practitioners out of business, unless language is included to give all Natural Health Practitioners a legal right to practice, without being in violation of this bill or the Medical Practice Act. We do not have any written guarantee that any protective language will not be dropped from the bill as it moves through the legislative process. This bill is exclusionary and monopolistic seeking to register a small, select group of Naturopathic Doctors and severely limit the naturopathic profession.

It is estimated that more than one million five hundred thousand Coloradans currently receive a substantial volume of health care services from complementary and alternative health care practitioners, according to a July 2009 report from the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

• This bill would make it illegal for tens of thousands of natural health practitioners in Colorado to continue offering naturopathic services, because the scope of practice in this bill overlaps with the modalities offered by all natural health practitioners.
• Naturopathy would become exclusionary allowing only a handful of ND’s to become registered and offer services to over 1,500,000 Colorado consumers, because the ND’s who practice traditional naturopathy could not qualify to be registered.
• The title of ND/Naturopathic Doctor/Doctor of Naturopathy would be taken away from hundreds of practitioners who rightfully earned the title.
• This bill would weaken Colorado’s tax base by putting tens of thousands of natural health practitioners out of work.
• If naturopathy is practiced as traditionally intended (using ONLY non-invasive natural healing modalities), state regulation would not be necessary because these services cause no eminent risk of harm to the public.

We received the following email that CoAND is spreading around.  I have written a rebuttal that I will be sending to the legislators.  Feel free to insert your own thoughts and send it off as well.





Will you stand by and allow Colorado to continue to be a mecca for non-licensed, uneducated practitioners who call themselves Naturopathic Doctors?  I can assure you that as a Naturopathic Doctor, I am very well educated and capable of performing the modalities of a “true” Naturopathic Doctor.  My ND curriculum included Nutrition, Natural Health, Naturopathy, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Herbology, Iridology, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Mind/Body Medicine, Disease Prevention, Massage, Chemistry, Genetics, Biological Psychology, etc.  A Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees were required for the ND program.  I am a certified Traditional Naturopath by the ANCB, Board certified Naturopath by the ANMA, Board certified in Integrative Medicine by the AAIM, a registered Naturopath by the Council on Naturopathic Registration and Accreditation, and a Doctor of Clinical Therapy (P) by the PMA.  (The definition of a “Naturopathic Doctor” is: A practitioner who espouses and practices naturopathy – a non-invasive system of health practice that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs, but instead, uses natural health modalities, substances, and education to promote health.)


Will you watch from afar as Colorado Naturopathic Doctors lose their 8th attempt in 20 years to be recognized as legitimate medical providers?  Naturopathic Doctors DO NOT practice medicine, are NOT primary care physicians, do NOT prescribe pharmaceuticals and do NOT perform surgery.  Instead, they use only natural modalities (special diets, herbs, vitamins, food, air, water, exercise, education, etc.).  The reason why CoAND has lost all of their legislative battles is because their prior bills have been exclusionary and monopolistic which would have EXCLUDED tens of thousands of natural health practitioners and put them out of business.  The CoAND practitioners are medically oriented and in prior years have graduated with the title of Naturopathic Physician or Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – NOT NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR!!  They are not allowed to use their “physician” title in Colorado, so they decided to take the title of Naturopathic Doctor – which they are not entitled to.


Will you witness five million Coloradans be denied the right and opportunity to choose and to have access to affordable high quality alternative health care as rightfully provided by 4-year post graduate doctoral educated Naturopathic Doctors?  100 “Naturopathic Doctors” can’t possibly take care of the needs of five million Coloradans.  Instead, we must protect the consumers’ right to choose their natural health practitioner by giving all qualified practitioners a right to practice their professions and offer affordable alternative health care.






Please support  OPPOSE Colorado House Bill 13-1111 concerning "Regulation of Naturopathic Doctors." This legislation will protect the health and well being of Coloradans to conveniently and easily:

·         Determine who is qualified to be called a Naturopathic Doctor and who has completed a four-year post-graduate clinical doctorate degree from an accredited naturopathic medical program, has passed a national exam, and has met other qualifications for regulation;  Naturopathic Doctors do NOT practice medicine or graduate from a medical program.  DORA has previously established that the Naturopathic Doctors who practice traditional naturopathy do not pose an eminent or discernible risk of significant harm to the public’s health and safety, since they DO NOT PRACTICE MEDICINE.

·         Check credentials and backgrounds of those who are Registered as Naturopathic Doctors;  This can be done for all natural health practitioners.

·         Lodge complaints against a Naturopathic Doctor should harm or wrongdoing be suspected;  This can be done for all natural health practitioners.

·         Be confident that when someone is called a "doctor," that he or she has the training to provide the safe and effective care inherent in the title;  The definition of “doctor” is: A person who has been awarded a higher academic degree in any field of knowledge.  There are many kinds of “doctors” and many people who have been awarded the title.  The consumer is only confused when a person uses the title “physician” or “medical doctor” as those terms denote the practice of medicine.

·         Be assured that their Naturopathic Doctor will communicate and collaborate fully with other health care providers as a member of the health care continuum; and  Natural health practitioners communicate and collaborate with other health care providers.

·         Be assured that the Naturopathic Doctor they choose has completed annual mandatory continued competency and carries adequate malpractice insurance.  Natural health practitioners complete continued education requirements.


As claimed by inflammatory and FALSE information circulating the halls of the Colorado statehouse,

HB 13-1111 does not put anyone out of work:

·         The titles of "Naturopath" and "Traditional Naturopath" as well as many other titles such as Natural Health Care Provider are available to practitioners whose training does not meet the requirement of the title "Doctor."  We have no guarantee that these amendments will be kept in the bill and whether or not the tens of thousands of natural health practitioners will be granted a right to practice.  There are at least 2,000 Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado who would lose their deserved title and close their practices.

·         There are exemptions in the bill for a wide range of national health care occupations including herbalists, homeopaths, energy workers, those who sell natural health care products, and those who give advice and guidance on diet and wellness.  We have no guarantee that these amendments will be kept in the bill and whether or not these occupations will have a right to practice or will still be illegal according to the Medical Practice Act, Title 12.

·         There is even a provision to allow those who have been using the title Naturopathic Doctor of ND for a significant period of time to be regulated under this bill if they meet certain equivalency requirements.  The requirements are too strict so that very few “true” Naturopathic Doctors will qualify since true naturopathy does not involve the practice of medicine.  The Director decides who satisfies the requirements for registration and the rules can change at any time.


Joanie Coffey, ND, PhD, BCIM, DCT(P), CNC, CTN

President, Colorado Coalition for Natural Health
4614 High Spring Road
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Fax: 720-283-0839


Thank you to ANCB for supporting CCNH - Please read their letter below or see the attachment:

This is their letter to the House of Representatives.....

March 12, 2013

RE:  Opposition to HB 13-1111

To the Members of the Colorado House,

As Director of the nation’s oldest and largest Certification Board for Naturopathy, I am writing to express our opposition to HB 13-1111, the Naturopathic Doctor Act.

The American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) is a national organization that was formed in 2003 and has approximately 1,000 members, including nearly 50 members in Colorado. As a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization, ANCB offers professional certification in Traditional Naturopathy, and issues the title of “CTN,” or “Certified Traditional Naturopath.” To qualify for certification, individuals must first obtain a doctoral level degree in Naturopathy from an approved program of study, and then pass our national certification examination, which, incidentally, has been compared to the NPLEX exam.

While it is unclear if individuals certified by ANCB would be allowed to use their title of “CTN” or “Certified Traditional Naturopath” under this act, we find the proposed legislation to be unnecessary, exclusionary, fiscally unwise, and poor public health policy.

First, we question the need for this legislation. Traditional Naturopathy is practiced using only non-invasive methods that present no risk to the public. Traditional Naturopaths are educators who encourage their clients to take responsibility for maintaining their own wellness, and give them tools to do so. Where is the evidence that natural healing methods present such a risk to public health that they need to be highly regulated, as this bill proposes?

Second, this bill would establish a small monopoly of state-recognized practitioners at the expense of thousands of natural healers, with negative impacts to both providers and consumers of natural health services alike. Only a select few would be allowed to practice Naturopathy, increasing unemployment and decreasing tax revenues for the state, while creating a costly state bureaucracy to administer the licensing program. Meanwhile, the approximately 1.5 million Coloradans who rely on natural health services will have reduced access to these preventive services, driving up health care costs for all.

Finally, by defining Naturopathic Medicine as a “system of ... primary health care practices for the ... diagnosis
... and treatment of ... diseases” this bill extends the reach of so-called “natural health” firmly into the terrain of allopathic physicians. This definition is utterly inconsistent with the history, theory, and principles of Naturopathy, and creates a new hybrid form of medicine that is both unwarranted and unwise.

In closing, we urge you to reject this measure and look at alternatives to it. At a minimum, the rights of unlicensed natural healers to offer their services must be protected. I thank you for your consideration of these comments.

Dan Funsch Director, ANCB


We, the Colorado Coalition for Natural Health board members, have urgent news to report. Every year for 20 years now, the CCNH board members have fought against, and beaten, the monopolistic bills put forth by the Naturopathic Physicians (and recently the Dietitians too) so that all of us can stay in business and so  that the consumers have a right to choose the practitioner of their choice. This year is different--CCHN is taking a new, proactive approach, and I would like to share news of our UNPRECEDENTED LEGISLATIVE PROGRESS and to ask for YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT in this huge step toward passing our own bill that will give us all a legal right to practice, without government regulation.

 We have secured a sponsor for our Natural Health Consumer Protection Bill that simply requires full disclosure of any unlicensed practitioner's services, education, and experience. We will send a copy of the draft legislation as soon as the sponsor authorizes its release.'s why your donations are needed more now than ever before. Our Senate sponsor is an influential senator who is in the Democratic majority.  She believes we can make a credible and possibly successful effort to pass legislation this year, but only if we have the help of a well-respected lobbyist who can work with both political parties in both chambers.  We have found that person, recommended by our Senate sponsor, and we need to raise $10,000 to pay her to work on our behalf in favor of the bill.  We have about 8% of that amount thanks to the generous donations that some of you have already made, but that will not secure our lobbyist, and all our progress may be lost if we don't raise enough. Here is a list of some of the work our lobbyist will be doing for us:

 ·        Secure House sponsor

·        Secure co-sponsors on the bill in each chamber

·        Draft language and resist amendments

·        Work with stakeholders to the extent we can to garner support and/or eliminate or neutralize opposition

·        Develop fact sheets

·        Work with leadership to achieve a favorable committee assignment

·        Work to draft and coordinate testimony in Committee

·        Lobby first committee in first chamber, then the remaining Senators (35) for 2nd and 3rd reading votes

·        Work to resist amendments and fiscal notes

·        Work on same process with house sponsor through committee and second and third readings (committee of reference then all 65 House members)

·        Work with the Governor’s office to ensure they will not veto the bill if it gets to his desk


If this legislation does pass, we can all practice without the threat of the Naturopathic Physicians or the Dietitians passing legislation that would criminalize us, and we won't have to keep crossing our fingers that the Colorado Medical Society will continue to look the other way. Remember, any unlicensed natural health practitioner is technically in violation of the Colorado Medical Practice Act and can be prosecuted. The timing may be right for this legislation because of recent news reports about practitioners who are operating outside of the traditional scope of practice.

 We have put all the pieces in place to put this issue behind us once and for all, now all we need is your financial support. The time is now--we can't wait for the NPs or Dietitians to finally win the support they need to exclude us from the marketplace, nor can we just hope this issue will go away--it won't. Please donate what you can by going to and clicking on "Donate", or by sending your donation to Joanie Coffey at the contact info below. You can also help by forwarding this email to your clients and everyone on your contact list. Thank you for your support!


Joanie Coffey, ND, PhD, BCIM, DCT(P), CNC, CTN

President, Colorado Coalition for Natural Health

4614 High Spring Road

Castle Rock, CO 80104

 Kim Sharples, HHP

Sheryl Strom, RN, ND, DPH, HNB-BC, CC11

Dianne Gallegos, MS, ND, DCT(P)

Kim Matteo, ND

Darlene Zwolinski, ND

Valerie Smith, ND, DCT(P)

FEBRUARY 6, 2012

HB 12-1060 (Dietitian) was defeated (postponed indefinitely) today.  It was a LONG day at the Capitol as the bill was heard last in committee.  If you took your valued time to come to the Capitol today, it is very much appreciated.  

Thank you to those who testified from :
NHFC/NHFA (National Health Freedom), Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation, Nutrition Therapy Institute, Colorado Coalition for Natural Health, Vitamin Cottage

Please send thank you notes to the committee members who voted NO.  It is important that we recognize and thank them for supporting us.


Baumgardner, Randy - - 303-866-2949
Brown, J. Paul - - 303-866-2914
Coram, Don - - 303-866-2955
Looper, Marsha  - - 303-866-2946
McKinley, Wes - - 303-866-2398
Scott, Ray  - - 303-866-3068
Vigil, Edward - - 303-866-2916

FEBRUARY 2, 2012


We really need you to contact Legislators in regards to the Dietitian bill.
Even though the Capitol will be closed tomorrow due to the snow - we need to emaill, fax, and call and leave messages since the hearing is on Monday, February 6th.

There is new language for the dietitian bill....  many people will think that this language is adequate but it is NOT!!!!

EMAIL Kim for: (

  • a letter you can fax and/or copy/paste into an email
  • list of Agriculture Committee Members
  • list of Sponsors
  • and the new language.

Big thanks go to ANH for their help in getting this information to us so that we can forward it on to you!!!!!!

Brief Synopsis: This amendment appears to leave nutrition practitioners alone. It does not. If this is truly a bill meant only for licensing dietitians, there is no reason for the bill to define the Nutrition Scope of Practice. Further, the Nutrition scope of practice is often indistinguishable from the Dietetics scope, so there is no guarantee with this amendment, that Nutritionists will not be violating the law. Once a state has licensure, because of how federal law is written, all nutrition practitioners in that state will be required to be licensed if they want their services covered by insurance. By licensing only dietitians, this will certainly put a financial squeeze on unlicensed practitioners as more insurance companies begin to cover nutrition. Unlicensed practitioners will be choked out of business. If CO legislators accept the CDA premise that licensing is necessary, then ALL affected parties must be at the table to define parameters. This amendent and law are unacceptable.

JANUARY 18, 2012



The Dietitians have introduced a monopolistic and exclusionary bill (HB12-1060) that will mean only these select few Dietitians will be allowed to practice Nutrition in the state of Colorado.


This bill has been assigned to the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources committee.   We do not have a date yet as to when this bill will be heard.  When we find out the date, we will notify you immediately and ask for you to come to the Capitol hearing to help defeat this bill!


In the meantime, we ask that you email, call and/or fax the members of this committee, as well as the sponsors of this bill to ask them to OPPOSE HB 12-1060.  We have provided a petition that you can use to fax.  You will need to fax one page for every person. (EMAIL and she will forward these to you).

You can do all three -  email, call and fax if you wish.  If you email, you can do a copy/paste of the petition in the email.  You may of course write your own letter as well.


PLEASE NOTE :  There is a different fax number for representatives and a different fax for senators, so make sure you are using the correct fax number when faxing to the legislators.



If you are a practitioner or business owner - please forward this to your customers and/or clients. Many practitioners and owners will also have these forms available for their clients and customers to sign. We appreciate your help in getting this information out to the public!


According to this bill, penalties for those practicing nutrition without being a Licensed Dietitian -  are up to $500 fine and 6 months in jail AND Each Day of violation is considered a separate offense.


To read the bill:


This is the list of Representative and Senators to contact with your letters/petitions:



Sonnenberg, Jerry - - 303-866-3706

Baumgardner, Randy - - 303-866-2949

Brown, J. Paul - - 303-866-2914

Coram, Don - - 303-866-2955

Fischer, Randy - - 303-866-2917

Jones, Matt - - 303-866-2920

Looper, Marsha  - - 303-866-2946

McKinley, Wes - - 303-866-2398

Ryden, Su  - - 303-866-2942

Scott, Ray  - - 303-866-3068

Vaad, Glenn  - - 303-866-2943

Vigil, Edward - - 303-866-2916

Wilson, Roger Ben - - 303-866-2945

Massey, Tom - - 303-866-2747

Ferrandino, Mark - - 303-866-2911

Gardner, Bob - - 303-866-2191

Kefalas, John - - 303-866-4569

Liston, Larry G - - 303-866-2965

McCann, Elizabeth "Beth" - - 303-866-2959

Swerdfeger, Keith - - 303-866-2905



SENATORS: (FAX 303-866-5319)

Boyd, Betty - - 303-866-4857

Steadman, Pat - - 303-866-4861

Tochtrop, Lois - - 303-866-4863



If you have any questions, please let us know...


Colorado Coalition for Natural Health

January 17, 2012


Just found out tonight that colorado has a dietitian bill introduced...

hb 1060

Alliance for Natural Health has a website where you can go and they will send a letter to legislators for you

Please go to the website above and sign the petition!

thank you for your support!

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