Health Freedom Action Needed

1. STOP restrictive and monopolistic state licensing bills that negatively impact access to natural health care practitioners.

Indiana: Oppose HB1272 Dietitian Licensing bill. Take Action

Illinois: Oppose SB 1168 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine licensing bill. Take Action

Arkansas: Oppose HB 1011 Naturopathic Practitioners bill. Take Action

Maryland: Oppose HB 1029 Naturopathic Doctor licensing bill. Take Action

New York: Oppose SB 2954 Reflexologist Practitioner licensing bill. Take Action

These are five important state bills ( Indiana HB1272, Illinois SB1186, Arkansas HB 1011, Maryland HB 1029, and New York SB 2954), that attempt to license a small group of practitioners at the expense of other natural health care practitioners. The bills do not provide adequate protections or exemptions for the right of other natural health to practice. These bills would jeopardize numerous natural health practitioiners and businesses.

2. LEARN ABOUT other licensing bills that contain safe harbor exemptions and protections for many natural health practitioners.

Illinois: SB 1186 Licensing of Colon Hydro therapists with an exemption for natural health care practitioners. Read More

Colorado: SB 151 Licensing of Massage Therapists with a broad exemption in for bodywork and alternative forms of touch. Read More

Pennsylvania: HB 612 Licensing of Naturopathic Doctors with a safe harbor protection of the right to practice for unlicensed natural health practitioner. Read More  

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