Hello Friends of Michigan Natural Health Coalition,

It is time for more action to be taken and we need your help.

There are two ways to get a bill passed, one is to pay a lobbyist to do
all the work and the second is to do what is called a grassroots lobbying
campaign. Our goal is to get this bill passed working somewhere in between
these two methods. We are currently paying a lobbyist, but we haven¡¦t had
sufficient donations to keep paying her. The board members have
contributed considerable time and money, but we cannot continue to support
this financially without a lot more help. This bill is not just for us, it
is for everyone in the state of Michigan. We are working hard to protect
your rights.


Letter writing campaigns are a very effective way of letting
Representatives and committee members know how you feel and what issues
you are supporting. Imagine the next House Health Policy Committee
meeting-each member is sitting with a 5-10 inch stack of letters sitting
in front of them from people who support HB4789. This will let them know
that people in Michigan support this bill! We have seen this work
before-the bigger the pile of letters these committee members receive, the
more impressed they are with the interest of the people.

There is a letter attached asking for support of HB4789. You can download
and send it to the members of the House Health Policy Committee and the
co-sponsors (contact information attached). You can use the letter as is,
but we encourage you to add your own personal comments. Please share this
with everyone you know-family members, friends, clients and people on the
street-and have them send out their own letters OR we suggest having
preprinted letters for people to sign or have them sign the form we have
attached for multiple signatures and then they can all be sent in a

Please email us at info@michigannaturalhealthcoalition.org for the attachments. We will send them out to you in the body
of an email to copy and paste. Thank You!

A grassroots lobbying campaign consists of participation by Michigan
citizens. Other than letter writing, one of the most important things
citizens can do is to get to know their legislators. On the info page of
our website www.michigannaturalhealthcoalition.org we have posted a
downloadable document labeled Michigan Advocacy. This document gives you
tips on how to get to know your legislator. Please download the Michigan
Advocacy document and make an appointment with your legislator today. We
are encouraging you to not only meet them, but to share your interest in
natural health.

Legislators need to know:

* about HB 4789, the Michigan Consumer Health Freedom Bill, currently in
the House Health Policy committee.
* that HB4789 will protect the rights of Michigan citizens to choose the
type of health care they utilize
* that You support HB4789
* we need their support for HB4789.

Thank you for your help to get support for and pass HB 4789!

The dietary-supplement industry has only 90 days to comment on the FDA's
new dietary ingredient guidelines, which would require many supplements
currently on the market (since 1994 when the Dietary Supplement Health &
Education Act was passed) to undergo onerous and expensive safety testing.

Some of the animal testing would require three years to complete. It is
difficult to ascertain the cost of meeting these new requirements but it
appears to be in the millions of dollars for each ingredient. It would
take three years before any new dietary ingredient could be introduced as
well. Essentially, the only way these natural medicines would remain on
the market is to make them expensive prescription drugs. You are talking
about many well-known supplements such as resveratrol, hyaluronic acid,
piperine, curcumin, etc.

Watch your inbox for more information on this issue and what action you
can take to inform the FDA where you stand.

We would like to thank all of you who made donations in memory of Dr.
Delores Spence, N.D.

If you haven't done so, it is still possible to make a donation in her
memory on our website: www.michigannaturalhealthcoalition.org/joindonate
or mail to MNHC, P.O. Box 376, DeWitt, Michigan 48820-0376. Please let us
know that the donation is in memory of Dr. Spence and we will pass the
information on to her family.

Thank you from the Michigan Natural Health Coalition Board
Jeri, Jim, Elaine, Mary, Nia, Ann, Ray
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