Our thanks to Citizens For Health policy advisor Frank Herd for sharing this great news - You'll recall that a few months ago, many of you followed our Action Alert, demanding that General Mills discontinue the use of rBGH in its Yoplait yogurt.  Through our Action Alert you joined with thousands of others from similar campaigns to prompt this important change to GM's policy.  Refresh your memory about our campaign here.

You succeeded!  General Mills has just announced that as of August of this year it no longer will use milk from cows injected with recombinant bovine somatotropin (a/k/a rBST or rBGH).    Read General Mills' press release here.

This is a major victory for the natural health movement.  It's a reminder about what the Voice of the People can do when our efforts are concerted.  But we've now got to take the next step.  Proponents of these artificial hormones have mounted an effort to convince General Mills (GM) to rescind its decision. AFACT, or American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology, is urging its members to contact GM and tell them "why consumers, processors and the environment will lose with the loss of technologies used in agriculture." One comment already generated by this push asks GM to consider "the role technologies play in helping feed the world, not just cave into activist driven campaigns to push us to organic production practices." (Italics added for emphasis).

So, although we've succeeded to this point, we must support GM in its decision. Help GM stand strong against the pressures of disgruntled industrial milk producers who want to cut corners and artificially increase milk production by injecting their cows with rBST/rBGH.

Let's keep our momentum going!    Cut and paste the following comment to GM via the GM website by clicking here:

As a Citizen For Health, I support GM's decision to remove rBGH from Yoplait. Don't back down in response to pressures from the industrial milk producers by rescinding your decision. Thank you for doing the right thing.

Or, you can write, phone or fax the company:

General Mills, Inc.
P.O. Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440
Phone: 800-248-7310
Fax: 763-764-8330

Keep up the good work - you are making a difference!  And as always, thanks for your support.

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