Your Natural Health Freedom is at Stake --Now!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is right now being petitioned by Special Interest Groups to regulate or ban all three classes of “nano-particle silver” products: colloidal silvers, ionic silvers and also the new supercharged silver. These politically motivated Groups have no real science or hard facts to justify their push for a ban and are likely just puppets fronting for Mega-Drug cartels who are threatened by the public’s growing reliance on safe, inexpensive, natural silver instead of toxic, declining, expensive antibiotics.

Mankind has been using silver to fight colds, infections and a host of diseases for over 5,000 years and silver has a long history of safety and effectiveness. Silver is a trace element found in nearly all the soils of the world.

The U.S.’ foremost particle silver products --American Biotech Labs’ Silver Biotics, ASAP Plus, and ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care gel --have already been deemed absolutely safe through a series of independent tests and human case studies. These studies have been submitted to, and are the only ones acknowledged by, the EPA. However, you know government entities: they can change certifications, policies, or regulations at any time. Your deadline is March 20, 2009!

There is a written rebuttal available from American Biotech Labs to the claims made by the Group pushing the petition on the EPA. This activist Group seeks to regulate nano-particle silver products as “dangerous pesticides”!

First, the federal government attempted to eliminate your ability to buy natural supplements from health food stores by implementing Europe’s Codex Alimentarius (“food law”), which would require a doctor’s office visit, a prescription, and ten or more times the price for simple vitamins and minerals –which could then only be purchased from a pharmacy. This was never enacted because outraged Americans demanded their rights and the drug interests backed off.

Second, the “blue man” has recently been paraded around in the media to scare Americans off of using silver products. This man has been overdosing himself (10,000 ppm +) on ridiculously huge amounts of ionic silver daily for over a decade, even bathing in it, although he boasts of his good health. Because pure silver is safe and non-toxic the body will simply store massive, long term, repeat overdoses with no ill effect other than skin discoloration.  It is impossible to overdose on everyday 10 to 30 ppm products.

Third, if the EPA is successful in banning or regulating nano-particle silver products, this would result in the removal of just about every brand of colloidal, ionic, or even the supercharged silver on the market today, and give a handful of big corporate interests the monopoly on the use of silver. Then the Special Interests will again target various supplements one by one until they have what they first started out to do --and you will be subjected to the Codex. We need to stop this new attempt at the control of your heath, your supplements, and your pocketbook immediately. 

Updated Contact Information for Stopping the EPA from Regulating Nano-particle Silver Products:

Ralph Fucetola, J.D., also known as the Vitamin Lawyer, points out that the EPA has put up a brand new page for public comments regarding the petition to regulate silver nano-particles as “pesticides.” They have also assigned a brand new docket number to the petition. The new public comments web page is located at this web address:

The new docket number, which you must refer to in all correspondence with the EPA, is: EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650-0506

What You Must Do NowThere are now five simple but absolutely vital steps you need to take to help win the battle to stop the EPA from regulating nano-particle silvers as “dangerous pesticides.”.

Step #1: Go to the new EPA public inputs page at the web address above and register your comments. Explain why you do not want the EPA to regulate nano-particle silvers.  If you or your family circle has had a great experience with particle silver products, tell them so.

Step #2: E-mail your comments opposing the petition to regulate silver particles as “pesticides” to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Her email address is:

Step #3: Fax your comments to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, at her Washington D.C. fax number: (202)-501-1450.

Step #4: E-mails can be deleted easily. Also send a personal letter to the Washington D.C. office of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Her address is as follows:

ATTN: Lisa Jackson, Administrator
E.P.A. / Ariel Rios Bldg., Room
1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20460-0001

Important Note: All comments to the EPA – whether you make them by email, fax, snail mail or through the public comments section of their web site -- must reference the “Petition for Rulemaking Requesting EPA Regulate Nano-scale Silver Products as Pesticides,” and must also reference the new Docket #: EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650-0506

Step #5: Finally, go to the Health Freedom blog of Ralph Fucetola, The Vitamin Lawyer, at
and read his brief but highly pertinent comments about the battle to save particle silvers from EPA regulation.

Between now and March 20, 2009 (the new deadline for registering public comments on this issue) the Special Interest Groups are going to flood the EPA with a host of new comments in favor of the petition, garnered from their millions of collective members. We must outgun them tit-for-tat – and then more so -- with our own letters demanding the EPA reject this petition. Thank you in advance for your concern and your willingness to speak out in defense of our health freedoms.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”



Forwarding an important email I received about colloidal silver....


Hi, Steve Barwick here, with an important update on the battle to stop the EPA from regulating colloidal silver as a "pesticide"...

On the Colloidal Silver Secrets blog I have just posted a brand new special update giving you all of the new details on the battle to stop the EPA from regulating colloidal silver as a "pesticide." 

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