Robert Kennedy and David Bender report on the horrific HR 875 and S 425, which is called "the Monsanto Dream Bill" and essence threatens to put all organic farms and gardens out of business and institutionalize industrial farming and pesticide use. It creates minimum fertilizer amounts that farmers must use before their product can be put on the
market. Rosa De Laro of Connecticut whose husband Stan Greenberg is a lobbyist for Monsanto is the Representative responsible for this bill. We have less than two weeks to generate enough upset to kill this bill and save our organic farms.

Here's the link to Bobby Kennedy: the part to listen to is: "Ring of Fire's Weekly News Pt. 3"
Here's a link that explains what the damage will be if this bill is allowed to pass:

Since we're very interested in keeping organic farmers and farmers markets alive and well - please contact your representative and senator and ask them not to vote for these
bills. You can do that by going to  "Senators on the Web" and "Representatives on the Web" are the sections you are looking for.



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